reflection one

I consider myself a writer, and I have a lot of experience writing for a lot of different purposes. I've done a lot of academic writing throughout high school and college, and I've been writing journalistic articles for The Hawk since my freshman year. I also did blog writing and social media for my internship last summer with a digital marketing company. Now, I am writing for my website in this class. In these different experiences, I've realized that writing for print and writing for the web are two distinct styles. In the digital age, people have short attention spans; it takes a lot to make someone read a full article or get through an entire lengthy social media post. Therefore, I've realized that writing for the web is all about capturing readers' attention and keeping it as concise as possible to make sure they stick around and that we don't take too much of their time. This is challenging for me, because I'm kind of a rambler and I tend to have a lot to say and write. It is a good challenge though, because the articles I write are primarily read online rather than print these days, so it's good to gain practice in it. In terms of coding, I never imagined it as something I would be doing. I thought WordPress would be the extent of my web design experience. It is difficult, but it is like learning a different language and writing in that language. The code and the words on my page have to work together to ensure that my message is coming across properly. For example, my statement is pretty lengthy, but I consider it to be important, so I had to make sure that my code was created in a way that my statement is large enough so that it is readable. I also had to make sure that readers won’t have to scroll to read the entire statement, because as I mentioned, it's important to make sure we keep their attention and that we don’t make them do more work than they have to. Overall, writing for my webpage has been a test in how well I write for the web.

reflection two

Coming into this class, I had heard that it is really difficult. As someone who is not super well versed in technology, I was nervous that I would be drowning. I'm happy to say that I feel pretty comfortable with coding and that it is a language that makes sense to me (for the most part). There wasn't really a time where I was super far behind where we were supposed to be with the HTML or CSS. If anything, the most difficult thing for me was getting my font to come through on my webpage, but it was a simple fix that only a typo to begin with. The move to CSS was the most challenging part, but I find that it is all about organization and making sure that everything in the HTML matches up to its counterpart in the stylesheet. It is very much a process of trial and error in adding to our CSS, and it is easy to see whether or not something is working by simply refreshing the page. The only issue is that it's sometimes difficult where the error is occurring, because for me, it is often using a colon instead of a semicolon which could be tough to spot right away. I tried to do a black background with white text for my resume, but I ended up switching it up and doing a simple white background with black text. I think I like how it looks, but I worry that it is a little bit too bland. I struggle with whether or not I want to change it, because I can't think of any colors that I would add to it without making it too quirky. Right now, I'm very comfortable with coding. The only thing I can work on is being more exact in my numbers within CSS. For example, when I'm making my margin 2%, I'm merely guessing, seeing what it looks like on the page, and adjusting the number from there. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it makes my measurements less exact and takes a little more time than it would if I knew exactly what I was trying to do. I am happy with my website right now, besides the fact that I added a "skills" section to my resume the other day and it doesn't look quite right, but I'm not sure how to fix it yet. Overall, I'm excited to get started with the rest of my site.